10 May, 2017


250 People


10 Professionals

Title Sponsor

Title Sponsor

Kino Kultura, Luj Paster 3, Skopje

Awesome speakers and panelists

Toni Bachvarovski

Founder of Gordian Sistemi

Sean Gardner

Social media influencer and writer

Michela Magas

European Woman Innovator of the Year

Michael Gold

Managing Director, Crimson

Marjan Gusev

Professor, Faculty of computer sciences and engineering

Kostandina Zafirovska

CEO, BtoBet

Koca Bosku

CEO, Seavus

Jasmina Popovska

Director, FITR

Jan Kobler

Managing Partner, SCV

Blagoj Kjupev

VP of Embedded, Seavus


05:00 PM
05:00 PM - 05:30 PM
Kino Kultura


05:30 PM
05:30 PM - 05:45 PM
Kino Kultura

Official opening

05:45 PM
05:45 PM - 06:15 PM
Kino Kultura

Opening keynote: Growth strategies for global outreach

Sean Gadner will talk about the use of new digital tools and motivating start-ups for business growth.
06:15 PM
06:15 PM - 06:45 PM
Kino Kultura

Investors panel

For the first time in Macedonia we'll talk money, investor’s deal flows, investment landscape, emerging startups, and just catch up with new investment opportunities arising in 2017.
06:45 PM
06:45 PM - 07:15 PM
Kino Kultura

Keynote: The Importance of collaboration between Tech and Music

Michela Magas will speak about Music Tech Fest ecosystem and how it brings together different kinds of people from different disciplines and backgrounds to foster creative innovation.
07:15 PM
07:15 PM - 07:45 PM
Kino Kultura

Tech pannel

What are the future technologies that will change the status quo? Michela Magas will moderate the tech panel.
07:45 PM
07:45 PM - 12:00 AM
Kino Kultura


Networking and music to end the conference


An incredible lineup of speakers and panelists for mind-blowing experience of tech-savvy people, innovators, entrepreneurs and start-up community builders.

Starting on May 10th at 5:30 PM in Kino Kultura, Skopje.

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Space for events, contemporary performing arts and culture.

Kino Kultura

Luj Paster 3, Skopje 1000

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